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Bernie Taupin is, without a doubt one of the most talented and prolific lyricists of the 70's, 80's and 90's and an integral part of the Elton John phenomenon. Outside of his involvement with Elton John Bernie Taupin has established a solid carreer of his own. From writing books to producing records and recording his own he has done it all. Having #1 hits with Heart on "These Dreams" and Starship on "We Built This City" both co-written with Martin Page.
In the book "A Cradle Of Halos" Bernie tells his story up until the time he met Elton John. For an insight on thee man, this book is a must to read. But here we will just concentrate on the music. In 1971 Bernie released his first solo album entitled "Taupin". A collections of poems set to music this is a good album. The accoustic guitar work is excellent and the reading paints the picture. "Child" amd "Verses After Dark" highlight this album. Following this album Bernie's producing debut came with David Ackles "American Gothic". In 1974 when the Hudson Brothers signed with Rocket Records Bernie took on the producing duties and scored a hit in 1975 with "Rendezvous". In 1977 Bernie 's singing debut came with an album recorded in Canada with the help of alot of stars including Ringo Starr. This album was never released and remains in a vault somewhere. In 1980 Bernie released "He Who Rides The Tiger". The following is a review of the album taken from Billboard magazine:
The man who supplied all those marvelous lyrics for Elton John moves into the limelight with his first album. Taupin isn't a bad vocalist, in fact, with the aid of Elton and other supporting singers, Taupin comes across as a self-assured singer in control of the situation. As expected, his biggest strength lies in his lyrics, which are among the strongest he's written, especially "The Whores Of Paris". With music and some impressive guest musicians, the album moves along at a consistent pace. However, after a while, Taupin's vocals become a bit too stagnant, resulting in periods of tediousness.
It will be seven years until Taupin releases his next solo album. In 1987 "Tribe" was released. Highlighting this album are "Billy Fury" sung with Elton John and the first single "Friend Of The Flag" and the second single "Citizen Jane" with Elton doing the backing. "Citizen Jane" did chart on Billboards Adult Contempery chart. The videos got extensive air play on VH1 and MTV.
In 1996 Bernie formed the band Farmdogs and released the album "Last Stand In Open Country".
Below is a discography of Bernie's solo efforts. Follow is a list of links that will fill in all the blanks left on this web page. Be sure to check them out for all the info on Bernie Taupin and Farmdogs!


Taupin-DJM (UK) with deluxe fold open cover!
Bernie Taupin-Elektra
American Gothic (David Ackles)-Elektra [Bernie Taupin producing]
Totally Out Of Control (Hudson Brothers)-Rocket [Bernie Taupin producing and co-writter]
Ba-Fa (Hudson Brothers)-Rocket [Bernie Taupin producing and co-writter]
A Personal Interview-Rocket [Interview on the book "The One Who Writes The Word..."]
He Who Rides The Tiger-Asylum
An Interview With...-RCA [double album interview on "Tribe"]
Friend Of The Flag-RCA [12" promo single]
Citizen Jane-RCA [12" promo single]
Last Stand In Open Country (Farm Dogs)-Discovery
Immigrant Sons (Farm Dogs)-Sire


Friend Of The Flag-RCA
Citizen Jane-RCA

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