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I started collecting Elton John way back in 1972. "Rocket Man" was the first Elton record I bought, which led to the buying of "Honky Chateau". From there on I was hooked. I ran out an bought everything I could find on Elton, then I found out about bootlegs and had to have all of them too. Right now my collections stands at around 500 LP's, 300 CD's and near 700 45's. I'm not going to put any biographies or discographies on this site. Just check out the links below and you will find far better than I could ever do.
Many people ask what is my favorite Elton John song. It's hard to give an answer because my favorite song keeps changing. There is so much out there, to pick one favorite is almost impossible, but one thing I can say is it would have to be a Bernie Taupin penned song.
So, check out the links below, and don't forget to stop by the Elton John chat sites. Chances are you'll find me there.
Most of the links below are by some of my friends that I've meet on the internet.

For more information on Elton John visit the links below!

This site used to be my home away from home! Sadly this chat room closed a long long time ago.

Elton John Illustrated Discography
What can I say about this site. It features a complete discography! Also the lyrics to anything Elton has recorded is here. Don't miss this site!
EltonFan.net - Elton John Fan Club
Elton John . com
This is the official Elton John web site.
SugarBear's Elton John Page

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