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John Denver was one of the most popular singer (outside of Elton John) to come out of the '70's. I didn't start collecting his music until the release of "Rocky Mountain High" in 1972. From there I went and bought his back catalog. Some of the hardest records to find were John Denver's early releases with the "Mitchell Trio". John Denver came from the folk music era and a touch of folk music stay with him till his last release in 1997, just before his tragic death. I don't think any death of a singer affected me like John Denver's did. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert in the early 90's. He put on the best live show I've seen. So far nothing has compared to that show. John Denver's music will be timeless. 
There is alot out on the internet on John Denver but the link below is by far the most complete site.

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