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LaCosta is the sister of Tanya Tucker. I first heard her sing when her single "Western Man" was released. I thought it was Tanya, then when I bought the record I found it was LaCosta. LaCosta had a string of chart topping hits in the mid 70's. I couldn't find anything on her on the internet. As far as I know she is currently running the Tanya Tucker Fan Club. She released 5 albums between 1975 and 1980.  Plus a string of chart topping singles from her first "I Wanta Get To You" to "We're All Alone". From there her popularity faded. In 2000 a hits CD was released with hits of LaCosta and her sister Tanya Tucker. It's a great package! Below is a discography, since I couldn't find anything on the internet.



I Wanta Get To You / That's What Your love Has Done-Capitol
Get On My Love Train / I Can Feel Love Growing-Capitol
He Took Me For A Ride / Sugarman-Capitol
This House Runs On Sunshine / Ain't It Good-Capitol
Western Man / Rescue Me-Capitol
I Just Go A Feeling / Let's Talk It Over-Capitol
Lovin' Somebody On A Rainy Night / The Best Of My Love-Capitol
What'll I Do / Your Love-Capitol
We're All Alone / I Second That Emotion-Capitol
Jessie And The Light / I Still Love You-Capitol
#1 With A Heartache / Take Your Love Away-Capitol
Changing All The Time / Had To Fall In Love-Capitol
It Was Time / Since I Fell For You-Capitol
Love Take It Easy On Me / The Best Is Yet To Come-Elektra


Get On My Love Train - Capitol
With All My Love - Capitol
Lovin' Somebody - Capitol
La Costa-Capitol
Changing All The Time-Capitol
Tanya Tucker/LaCosta Tucker Hits CD

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