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Everyone has probably heard Lobo's "Me and You and A Dog Named Boo". It's probably Lobo's most well known song. I became interested in Lobo when the hit "I'd Love You To Want Me" came out in 1972. That was probably the peak of his career.
Lobo hailed from Tallahassee, Florida. In 1961 he joined his first band "The Rumours". In 1964 he joined the band "The Sugar Beats". That's when he met producer Phil Gernhard. That was the start of a relationship that would create a dozen hits in the 1970's. His first record was with the Sugar Beats called "What Am I Doing Here?". In 1969 he recorded his first solo release on the Laurie label called "Happy Days In New York City". If anyone reading this has this 45 please email me! I have been searching for this single for a long time!
1971 brought Lobo's first hit with "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo". This was followed by his first album titled "Introducing Lobo". This album was followed by a few minor hits.
In 1972 came the release of his second album "Of A Simple Man". This was followed by his biggest hit "I'd Love You To Want Me". This album spawned 2 top ten singles in 1972.
In 1973 the album "Calumet" was released. The big hit off this album is the classic "How Can I Tell Her". This album spawned 2 top thirty hits in 1973 and 1974.
In 1974 came an unusual album for Lobo. Up until this time most of the songs were written by Lobo. The next album "Just A Singer" is an album of covers. The top 50 hit "Rings" came from this album.
In 1975 found Lobo's return to the top 30 with "Don't Tell Me Goodnight" from the album "A Cowboy Afraid Of Horses". In late 1975 came the release of "The Best Of Lobo".
With Lobo's popularity fading his next album "Come With Me" never saw a US release. It was only release in Europe. This is classic Lobo. All the songs were written and for the first time produced by Lobo. Lobo was no stranger to producing. In 1972 he co-produced Jim Stafford's smash hit "Spider's and Snakes".
In 1977 Lobo signed with Curb records and 2 singles were released. None charted but "You Are All I'll Ever Need" did get alot of radio airplay. In 1979 Curb records moved Lobo over to MCA and Lobo's return to the charts came with "Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love". This was followed by the release of his first album in 3 years simply titled "Lobo". In 1980 Curb again moved Lobo to another label. This time Elektra. Two singles were released but only "With A Love Like Ours" received air play.
In 1981 Lobo formed his own record label "Lobo Records" and signed country artist Narvel Felts. Lobo return to the charts in 1981 with "I Don't Want To Want You" which charted on the country charts. Three more Lobo singles followed all charting on the country charts. One of the last releases on the Lobo label was a song by the group "Wolfpack" which included Lobo and Narvel Fetls called "Bull Smith Can't Dance The Cotton-Eyed Joe". Again if anyone has this please email me as I am desperately looking for this. 
In 1985 Lobo Records became Evergreen Records and Lobo's next single "Am I Going Crazy" was released. This was followed by the last single by Lobo, a duet with Robin Lee, "Paint The Town Blue", which scored big on the country charts. After this Lobo went into semi retirement.
In the 1990's came the release of Lobo's material on compact disc. First on Curb with "Lobo Greatest Hits". Then on Rhino with "The Best Of Lobo".
While searching for links for this page I came across a Great discovery! Since 1994 Lobo has been recording with an independent label called Pony Canyon out of Singapore and has released 5 albums. So far these CD's are only available in Singapore with the exception of a few tracks that were released on Curb Records CD "The Best Of Lobo" in 1996. In the links below you'll find one with sound clips from his CD "Sometimes". 


The Ponycanyon releases!
Lobo Ponycanyon animation

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