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I first became interested in Nigel when I heard him on Elton John's records. When he started releasing solo albums I bought them and was impressed with the sound. He was tucked away behind Elton for too long. Nigel had a string of hits in the late 70's starting with "A Little Bit Of Soap" and "Dancing Shoes". Of all the tracks I like Nigels version of Billy Joel's "Say Goodbye To Hollywood". He does such a superb job on that. One of my other favorite Nigel tracks is the version of "Hound Dog" he did when he was with the band "Plastic Penny". If you want any kind of info on Nigel check out the Nigel Fan Club's link below!

For more information on Nigel Olsson visit the link below!

This is the Official Nigel site. You'll find me in the chat room from time to time!!
Drummers Can Sing Too!...A Tribute To Nigel Olsson
Noreen's Nigel page includes some great drawings of Nigel. A must see!!!!

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